This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Hellenga. Selecting the person's name will take you to that person's individual page.

Name Birth date
A.H. [I820]about 1885-00-00
Al [I700]1895-06-06
Alfred [I2423]
Allen [I743]restricted
Allen Laverne [I755]1933-03-31
Allison [I753]restricted
Amy [I724]restricted
Andrew [I748]restricted
Barbera Joan [I706]restricted
Bertha [I2427]
Betty [I2426]
Brett [I751]restricted
Brian [I710]restricted
Caitrine [I2410]
Clarence [I2416]
Dale [I726]restricted
David [I720]restricted
Derek Wayne [I715]restricted
Dewayne Carl [I173]restricted
Dustin Gerald [I716]restricted
Effie [I779]1889-05-03
Eldon [I2424]
Eleanor Beth [I754]1928-02-07
Ella [I777]1872-04-19
Elmer [I2417]
Eric [I733]restricted
Ernest [I2422]
Esther [I2411]
Eva [I2414]
Evan [I749]restricted
Faye Ruth [I708]restricted
Ferry [I2419]
Francis [I2421]
Fred [I780]1891-01-29
Fred [I2413]
Frederik [I2428]
Free Blue Sky Juno (Jay) [I2399]restricted
Gary [I731]restricted
Glenn [I740]restricted
Heather [I2409]
Henry [I149]1859-08-02
Henry [I775]1867-01-24
High [I742]restricted
Irving Dale [I705]restricted
Jane [I2425]
Janet Lynn [I712]restricted
J.H. [I821]about 1885-00-00
Johannah [I729]restricted
John Boyce [I709]restricted
Kate [I2392]restricted
Katie [I738]restricted
Katie [I776]1869-10-08
Kelly [I747]restricted
Kim [I745]restricted
Kurt [I722]restricted
Lane [I750]restricted
Leslie [I744]restricted
Mable [I2415]
Maggie [I456]1875-05-28
Margot [I2396]restricted
Mary M. [I2394]restricted
Micah [I728]restricted
Mildred [I2420]
Nancy [I725]restricted
Nicole [I737]restricted
Patrick [I734]restricted
Paul D. [I2391]restricted
Paul M. [I2390]1897-04-16
Peter [I778]1878-11-11
Rachel [I2408]
Riner [I774]1862-02-01
Robert [I2406]
Robert Dean [I704]1920-09-14
Ronald Lee [I707]restricted
Ruth [I2412]
Samuel [I781]1885-06-11
Sophia [I429]1864-04-24
Steven [I735]restricted
Susan [I730]restricted
Theodore [I2404]
Theodore [I2405]
Wayne Keith [I156]restricted
William [I2418]