About Hellinga's Online Network

In 2007 I (Jon) purchased hellingas.org. Shortly after trying to do a boring Gmail account which was after a BlueBottle account (bonus points if anyone remembers that email host), I purchased hellingas.net. All my email addresses for my personal usage are with the hellingas.net domain. Purchasing the hellingas.net domain was done through AOL (which allowed you to purchase domains for free at the time!), after one of my business professors said that I should use a professional looking email account. Than I thought it was a good idea to try and sell eBay items (it was 2007 after all). I actually sold quite a few items back in the day and had plans to create an online store to get rid of junk, which as a packrat I had. Now hellingas.com forwards to my actual company SuperHiTech, and hellingas.org is basically a placeholder for fun things when I have time.

In the digital graveyard I had completed several projects underneath the Hellinga's Online Network umbrella. Three Brothers Golf, Racetracker, SlimGames were three of the most notable. Three Brothers Golf was a golfing series in which my brothers and I played about 5 years worth of golf outings, the trophy for that championship still sits 10 feet from me in my basement. We kept stats and talked trash, and got to play some awesome golf courses. Racetracker was a NASCAR Racing Series text file database extractor. That mouthful basically means that it took stats from a NASCAR Racing Series game and put it into a website. SlimGames was a site that was dedicated to the modification of Tecmo Super Bowl games. A fun fact was that while knobbe.org (now called tecmobowl.org) was being over run by spam, the 32 team project was hosted at the Tecmobuilders section of Slimgames. Sorry for the nerdy side note. Leianna also had a runnning blog hosted on blogger which I will try and bring back up at some point, I don't know how popular it was but she did get free food from distributors so it was noticed at least.

Like everything else in life, I got overwhelmed by it in a good way. Leianna and I got married, had two kids, been on countless adventures and trials. Now that life seems to be settling down, I am trying to document our lives in this site. Enjoy!

There is also a few projects that I am currently messing around with, and you can see those all over these pages as I/we update them

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One of two immediate menu items for the time being on this site that is functioning is the Hellinga family genealogy. Given to me by Wilhelm Hellinga from the Netherlands, he documented the Hellinga family all the way back to 1520. The program used to create the genealogy was GRAMPS, and exported into HTML format. At some point I will try to update it. Was originally compiled by a Wilhelm Hellinga.

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Tecmo Super Bowl

Since I (Jon) was a 7 year old, I have been playing Nintendo games. In my basement I own a large collection of Nintendo items. Later in life I joined a group of Tecmo Super Bowl players online at tecmobowl.org, and rekindled a lifelong passion of playing the classic football game. b.nagle.rocks (formerly Scottzolak.com) is a site where I hosted the only Tecmo Super Bowl 3 league in the world. Now I am attempting to disassemble and re assemble Tecmo Super Bowl 1 for SNES.

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My/Our Cars

Growing up in the upper midwest smack in the middle of farming country, I grew up with Ford, Chevy, and Dodge. Leianna really didn't grow up with exciting cars either. My grandpa always purchased the cheapest oddball vehicles and my stepdad has the where with all to teach me. So my passion for oddball vehicles took root and we have owned some pretty unique cars and have MANY stories and updates to tell about.

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