Welcome To Hellinga's Online Network

For the 300th time, Hellinga's Online Network is constantly under construction. Building the entire site from the ground up in an attempt to modernize and allow people access to all the Aimless Projects and passions we have participated in over the years. Possibly, my wife Leianna may contribute as well. Over the years this site went from trying to be a fun place to more of a digital repository so we don't forget anything over time. Sort of like an interactive scrapbook for nerds.

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One of two immediate menu items for the time being on this site that is functioning is the Hellinga family genealogy. Given to me by Wilhelm Hellinga from the Netherlands, he documented the Hellinga family all the way back to 1520. The program used to create the genealogy was GRAMPS, and exported into HTML format.

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Tecmo Super Bowl

Since I (Jon) was a 7 year old, I have been playing Nintendo games. In my basement I own a large collection of Nintendo items. Later in life I joined a group of Tecmo Super Bowl players online at tecmobowl.org, and rekindled a lifelong passion of playing the classic football game. Scottzolak.com is a site where I host the only Tecmo Super Bowl 3 league in the world.

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My/Our Cars

Growing up in the upper midwest smack in the middle of farming country, I grew up with Ford, Chevy, and Dodge. Leianna really didn't grow up with exciting cars either. My grandpa always purchased the cheapest oddball vehicles and my stepdad has the where with all to teach me. So my passion for oddball vehicles took root and we have owned some pretty unique cars and have MANY stories and updates to tell about.

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